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All the Tides of Fate

Author : Adalyn Grace
Publisher : Imprint
Release : 2021-02-02
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781250307804


Book All the Tides of Fate Description/Summary:

The thrilling sequel to instant New York Times bestseller All the Stars and Teeth, called “captivating” by Tomi Adeyemi, “Vicious and alluring” by Hafsah Faizal, and “phenomenal” by Adrienne Young. Now author Adalyn Grace is back with more high seas adventure in All the Tides of Fate, this electrifying fantasy, perfect for fans of Stephanie Garber’s Caraval and Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass series. Through blood and sacrifice, Amora Montara has conquered a rebellion and taken her rightful place as queen of Visidia. Now, with the islands in turmoil and the people questioning her authority, Amora cannot allow anyone to see her weaknesses. No one can know about the curse in her bloodline. No one can know that she’s lost her magic. No one can know the truth about the boy who holds the missing half of her soul. To save herself and Visidia, Amora embarks on a desperate quest for a mythical artifact that could fix everything—but it comes at a terrible cost. As she tries to balance her loyalty to her people, her crew, and the desires of her heart, Amora will soon discover that the power to rule might destroy her. An Imprint Book Praise for All the Stars and Teeth: “Jam-packed with swashbuckling adventure, swoonworthy romance, and dark, lush magic.” - Christine Lynn Herman, author of The Devouring Gray “If an epic sea fantasy filled with strange pirates and vengeful mermaids speaks to your interests, well...we may have found your favorite book ever....a tale of magic and second chances that’s fresh and thrilling in equal measure.” –Entertainment Weekly One of Buzzfeed's "Most Anticipated YA Books of 2020"

All the Stars and Teeth

Author : Adalyn Grace
Publisher : Imprint
Release : 2020-02-04
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 9781250307798


Book All the Stars and Teeth Description/Summary:

AN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER “Fierce and unrelenting...Do yourself a favor and get lost in this beautiful book!” —Tomi Adeyemi, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Children of Blood and Bone Set in a kingdom where danger lurks beneath the sea, mermaids seek vengeance with song, and magic is a choice, Adalyn Grace’s All the Stars and Teeth is a thrilling fantasy for fans of Stephanie Garber’s Caraval and Sarah J. Maas’s Throne of Glass series. She will reign. As princess of the island kingdom Visidia, Amora Montara has spent her entire life training to be High Animancer—the master of souls. The rest of the realm can choose their magic, but for Amora, it’s never been a choice. To secure her place as heir to the throne, she must prove her mastery of the monarchy’s dangerous soul magic. When her demonstration goes awry, Amora is forced to flee. She strikes a deal with Bastian, a mysterious pirate: he’ll help her prove she’s fit to rule, if she’ll help him reclaim his stolen magic. But sailing the kingdom holds more wonder—and more peril—than Amora anticipated. A destructive new magic is on the rise, and if Amora is to conquer it, she’ll need to face legendary monsters, cross paths with vengeful mermaids, and deal with a stowaway she never expected... or risk the fate of Visidia and lose the crown forever. I am the right choice. The only choice. And I will protect my kingdom. An Imprint Book “Vicious and alluring, All the Stars and Teeth is a force to be reckoned with." —Hafsah Faizal, author of We Hunt the Flame “Jam-packed with swashbuckling adventure, swoonworthy romance, and dark, lush magic.” —Christine Lynn Herman, author of The Devouring Gray “If an epic sea fantasy filled with strange pirates and vengeful mermaids speaks to your interests, well...we may have found your favorite book ever....a tale of magic and second chances that’s fresh and thrilling in equal measure.” –Entertainment Weekly One of Buzzfeed's "Most Anticipated YA Books of 2020"

Fate of the Fallen

Author : Kel Kade
Publisher : Tor Books
Release : 2019-11-05
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781250293800


Book Fate of the Fallen Description/Summary:

Fate of the Fallen is the start of a brand new adventure from New York Times bestselling author Kel Kade Not all stories have happy endings. Everyone loves Mathias. Naturally, when he discovers it’s his destiny to save the world, he dives in head first, pulling his best friend Aaslo along for the ride. However, saving the world isn’t as easy, or exciting, as it sounds in the stories. The going gets rough and folks start to believe their best chance for survival is to surrender to the forces of evil, which isn’t how the prophecy goes. At all. As the list of allies grows thin, and the friends find themselves staring death in the face they must decide how to become the heroes they were destined to be or, failing that, how to survive. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Tides of Fate

Author : Matthew Wolf
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-11-12
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1626601585


Book Tides of Fate Description/Summary:

Gray is dying from the bloodpact and must resolve his vow made in blood with the enigmatic Faye. Farhaven as a whole is threatened by a new evil. In an effort to consolidate power and save his city, Mathelstan steals the Ronin's blades and puts Darius before the crucible of fire.Ayva must rally Zane and Helix to find the other young legends in order to save Farhaven. A darkness, an ancient evil, seeks to blot out the sun and end the Ronin's quest once and for all.Nefarious pirates, grand sea battles, water serpents and much more await in this thrilling installment of The Ronin Saga. The Tides of Fate are ever-shifting.

Dark Tides

Author : Philippa Gregory
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release : 2020-11-24
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781501187209


Book Dark Tides Description/Summary:

#1 New York Times bestselling author of Tidelands—the “searing portrait of a woman that resonates across the ages” (People)—returns with an evocative historical novel tracking the rise of the Tidelands family in London, Venice, and New England. Midsummer Eve 1670. Two unexpected visitors arrive at a shabby warehouse on the south side of the River Thames. The first is a wealthy nobleman seeking the lover he deserted twenty-one years earlier. Now James Avery has everything to offer: a fortune, a title, and the favor of the newly restored King Charles II. He believes that the warehouse’s poor owner Alinor has the one thing he cannot buy—his son and heir. The second visitor is a beautiful widow from Venice in deepest mourning. She claims Alinor as her mother-in-law and tells her of the death of Rob—Alinor’s son—drowned in the dark tides of the Venice lagoon. Meanwhile, Alinor’s brother Ned, in faraway New England, is making a life for himself between in the narrowing space between the jarring worlds of the English newcomers and the American Indians as they move towards inevitable war. Alinor writes to him that she knows—without doubt—that her son is alive and the widow is an imposter. But how can she prove it? Set in the poverty and glamour of Restoration London, in the golden streets of Venice, and on the tensely contested frontier of early America, this is a novel of greed and desire: for love, for wealth, for a child, and for home.

Fool's Fate

Author : Robin Hobb
Publisher : Spectra
Release : 2004-02-03
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780553898729


Book Fool's Fate Description/Summary:

“Fantasy as it ought to be written . . . Robin Hobb’s books are diamonds in a sea of zircons.”—George R. R. Martin FitzChivalry Farseer has become firmly ensconced in the queen’s court. Along with his mentor, Chade, and the simpleminded yet strongly Skilled Thick, Fitz strives to aid Prince Dutiful on a quest that could secure peace with the Outislands—and win Dutiful the hand of the Narcheska Elliania. The Narcheska has set the prince an unfathomable task: to behead a dragon trapped in ice on the isle of Aslevjal. Yet not all the clans of the Outislands support their effort. Are there darker forces at work behind Elliania’s demand? Knowing that the Fool has foretold he will die on the island of ice, Fitz plots to leave his dearest friend behind. But fate cannot so easily be defied. Praise for Robin Hobb and Fool’s Fate “[Robin] Hobb’s rich, vibrant and unique world [is] filled with sentient ships, magical beasts, and fascinating characters. . . . Highly recommended.”—Library Journal “Rich, enchanting fantasy from one of today’s best practitioners . . . reminiscent of Ursula Le Guin’s The Other Wind [and] Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series.”—BookPage

The Tower of Shadows

Author : Drew Bowling
Publisher : Del Rey
Release : 2006-12-12
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9780345493590


Book The Tower of Shadows Description/Summary:

From the boundless imagination and talented pen of a young storyteller springs the fabulous first novel in a major new epic fantasy series. Steeped in the traditions of its classic forebears, yet boldly original in its vision and sense of wonder, The Tower of Shadows swells with heroism, sings with enchantment, and carries the reader at full gallop into a marvelously wrought world of breathtaking adventure. Untold ages ago, vainglorious spirits battled with the three gods in a bid for dominion over all—only to be defeated and banished below the earth to fester in their unquenchable evil. One of these vengeful demons eventually broke free and rained bloody death upon an innocent village in the land of Ellynrie. Few survived. The Starcross brothers, mere children orphaned by their parents’ slaughter, suffered very difficult fates. Corin Starcross was delivered to safety by the wizard Dale, while his brother, Cade, was abandoned to the flames that devoured their childhood home. Likewise, the mercenary Wren Tident saved his infant daughter, Kayla, from the monstrous fate that claimed her mother. When the demon retreated to its black abyss, the haunted souls left in its murderous wake did their best to carry on—save for one, who vowed retribution. When Cade Starcross reappears, he immerses himself in a secret study of the blackest arts, and a grim dance of destiny begins. His humanity withered by grief and his mind twisted by his apprenticeship to darkness, Cade seeks to use sorcery to wreak vengeance on his demon nemesis. But in order to succeed, a dagger of unearthly power wrought by the gods themselves must be found. And the blood of Cade’s brother, Corin Starcross, must be spilled. Yet all of Cade’s fury and magic will prove no match for the evil set free upon the earth. By any means and at all costs, the doomed vendetta must be stopped. A fledgling wizard, a tormented warrior, and a young girl burning with her father’s untamed spirit must rally together as the only hope of a world poised perilously at the abyss.

Architects of Fate

Author : Orison Swett Marden,Sheba Blake
Publisher : Sheba Blake Publishing
Release : 2021-12-13
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9783986773175


Book Architects of Fate Description/Summary:

Architects of Fate, or, Steps to Success and Power, by Orison Swett Marden, is a book of inspiration to character-building, self-culture, to a full and rich manhood and womanhood, by most invigorating examples of noble achievement. It is characterized by the same remarkable qualities as its companion volume "Pushing to the Front."

Midnight Tides

Author : Steven Erikson
Publisher : Tor Books
Release : 2007-08-28
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1429926937


Book Midnight Tides Description/Summary:

After decades of internecine warfare, the tribes of the Tiste Edur have at last united under the Warlock King of the Hiroth. There is peace--but it has been exacted at a terrible price: a pact made with a hidden power whose motives are at best suspect, at worst, deadly. To the south, the expansionist kingdom of Lether, eager to fulfill its long-prophesized renaissance as an Empire reborn, has enslved all its less-civilized neighbors with rapacious hunger. All, that is, save one--the Tiste Edur. And it must be only a matter of time before they too fall--either beneath the suffocating weight of gold, or by slaughter at the edge of a sword. Or so destiny has decreed. Yet as the two sides gather for a pivotal treaty neither truly wants, ancient forces are awakening. For the impending struggle between these two peoples is but a pale reflection of a far more profound, primal battle--a confrontation with the still-raw wound of an old betrayal and the craving for revenge at its seething heart. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


Author : May McGoldrick ,Jan Coffey
Publisher : MM Books
Release : 2019-03-04
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 8210379456XXX


Book Aquarian Description/Summary:

Killian knows all about vampires and aliens. They’re not real. But when a handsome swimmer climbs into her storm-tossed boat an hour from her summer destination, the worlds of fantasy and reality suddenly collide… Cuttylea Island has no mall, no social scene, and no action. But it does have a mysterious stone tower, ageless islanders, and a secret as astonishing as a mermaid’s tale… Before the summer is through, Killian will find the truth of her family’s past…and the role she is destined to play in a centuries-old curse.

Crimson Sun

Author : Colby Dunn
Publisher : CreateSpace
Release : 2015-07-30
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1511504145


Book Crimson Sun Description/Summary:

A long-lasting treaty is shattered. The horns of war echo from the eastern shores. A conflict is triggered that will determine the outcome of all life in the Hidden Lands. None can know the will of Fate. His watchful eye governs the flow of history and the sister blades He crafted triggers the rise and fall of nations. Caleb Rambrant is the son of the famed hero of the west, the man who slew the dark sage. As captain in the forces of Tritus, his duty is to defend the homeland from the onslaught of Talgoth, the rising kingdom led by the Lioness - the merciless Queen Tamara. Joined by a blacksmith's daughter, hex-casting wardens, and a mysterious shape shifter from across the sea, Caleb sets off on a quest of retribution for the wrongs done to his country...but forces more hostile than foreign steel await them on the road. The struggle of power kindled by the sister blades begins a new cycle...and Fate is watching.


Author : A. H. Zacarias
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2017-03-24
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1540376850


Book Midas Description/Summary:

Dr. Brooke Spencer always felt different from other girls. Now a successful scientist, she is finally discovering where she belongs: working alongside the brilliant, trailblazing researcher Dr. Charles Samuelson. Dr. Samuelson has recently made a discovery that has eluded philosophers and dreamers for centuries: How to transmute iron into gold. Determined to use the knowledge for good, Dr. Samuelson recruits Brooke to assist him with his new plan, his "Golden Manifesto." But humans are not alone and his discovery has not gone unnoticed. Extraterrestrial visitors seek to control Dr. Samuelson's Breakthrough, and before long, Brooke is all that stands between Earth and total Destruction. Will she be able to hold her ground? Or will the timeless temptation of gold prove too much for even the strongest of spirits? Brooke will soon face a choice that will make her question her background, her career, and the fate of the planet.

Tides and Ruin

Author : Miranda Lyn
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2021-10-12
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1736833995


Book Tides and Ruin Description/Summary:

Stealing a prized jewel is nothing compared to a heart. Raised to be the perfect thief, Lyra is not above using her body or her siren's song to take exactly what she wants, when she wants it. But when she is attacked and her song is stolen, there's only one fae that can help her. The fae she'd sworn to stay far away from. Now, she must find a way to win over the commander of the Flame Court, even if it means sacrificing everything she's ever learned about being a siren. She thinks she can fool him, fool them all. But really, she is only fooling herself. This standalone spin-off will stow you away on pirate ships, lure you under the sea, and wrench the beating heart from your chest with this star-crossed lovers' tale. "A heart-wrenching, and lustful tale. This captivating series spin-off is a true diamond of the sea." -C.C. PEÑARANDA, author of the Heir Comes to Rise series

Fate's Fables

Author : T. Rae Mitchell
Publisher : Her Dark Destiny
Release : 2020-09-15
Category : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN : 1999024192


Book Fate's Fables Description/Summary:

Fate can hardly tell what's real and what's not. She's been spelled and mysteriously trapped within a menacing storybook realm bound by the Book of Fables. Her only escape is to travel through each grim fairy tale and change them into happily-ever-afters. Can Fate survive long enough to write her own happy ending, or will she spell her doom?

The Book

Author : Anonim
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2013-04-17
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1909569046


Book The Book Description/Summary:

Everything you need to know to look after yourself to bring about and maintain perfect health, prosperity, wealth, happiness, quality of life and longevity. It reveals that we are, without realising, not doing enough or the right things to protect our health and prosperity which is equally extremely damaging to nature, wildlife, oceans, sea-life, fresh springs, waterways and air, and us. The Book by Linde utilises new and ancient knowledge from around the world, over the millennia identifying what changes we need to make to enhance every aspect of our lives with simple solutions for almost every situation. It is your most powerful contribution to protecting, nurturing and saving our planet. In summary, 'THE BOOK' Consists of Six Chapters which incorporates a summary within each one: Lifestyle; Food & Nutrition; Medical Care; Mind; Water; and Now Live the final chapter which you can cast your eye over first as it is a synopsis of the complete works. It is highly recommend to read from cover to cover but, it is packed with valuable information to just use as a Reference Manual on a day to day basis. Teaches you how to look after your body and mind to ultimately prevent illness, but also to help regain and maintain perfect health; Provides countless number of practical, realistic & simple tips to easily adopt into your day to day lifestyle improving quality of life, saving time & money and gaining longevity; Fuses together specialised areas in health & mind, lifestyle & environment under one cover; Identifies our day to day toxic exposures that we are unaware of and provides successful resolutions; Gives you complete fundamental knowledge and awareness, to use your courage to take responsibility for your life enhancing your health, prosperity and happiness; Provides you with ancient knowledge and practices to new, from science including quantum physics, to philosophy, psychology, and important detail on nutrition, exercise, energies and medicine; Is very current, answering all the conflicting hype about diets, the next super food or the bad effects of conventional drugs or sugar that are in the media weekly, even daily; For more information please visit

Living Flesh

Author : Adrien Walker
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2015-09-30
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1517595738


Book Living Flesh Description/Summary:

After the planet has succumbed to self-destruction, humanity's last bastion exists in the Icarus International Space Refuge, drifting in Earth's orbit. While the governing body aboard attempts to resurrect hope for the future, the youth battle malaise in the face of being the last generation. Kyle Truman, a boy of seventeen, finds himself at odds with the captain and the Board's policies, meanwhile exploring the mystery behind the space station's boogeyman cover-up. The mad scientist Gordon Peterson is said to have gone AWOL after a disagreement with the Board over a secretive project. He lives in the vast areas of the Icarus left unoccupied, home to the nonconforming population, returning only to snatch high profile victims and splay their flesh from their bone. As Kyle comes closer to discovering the truth about the secrets lurking in the Abandoned Quarters of the Icarus, he risks his closest relationships, his physical safety, and his own sanity. All while trying to come to grips with what it means to be Human after the end of the world.

When Fate Dictates

Author : Elizabeth Marshall
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2012
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1476144109


Book When Fate Dictates Description/Summary:

The Scottish Highlands are well known for their mystical charms and tales of fantasy, yet very few have encountered the power of a Highland Stag, the magic of a Campbell crystal or the enchantment of a sprig of heather. Indeed, even those who dwell within the shadows of these formidable mountains are often unaware of their charms.In the early hours of February 13th 1692 the sulfurous smell of a fired gun hung in the air of these mountains. Men, women and children screamed in terror, withering against pain as they fell, bludgeoned to death by men of the army. The shameful scar of a dreadful and tragic event was etched upon the landscape of a beautiful and otherwise honorable place forever.Awoken by the sickly, metallic copper stink of fresh blood and death, Corran MacDonald is forced to flee into blizzard swept mountains. With her family massacred and her village destroyed, Corran trusts the man when he offers to help her escape. But things aren't quite what they seem and very soon their bid for freedom is thwarted by Simon's old enemy and fellow Red Coat, Angus. A perilous journey of mystery, magic and intrigue takes the couple through time to modern day York where a twist of fate leads them to a conflict that will shape the final destiny of all Highlanders.'When Fate Dictates' is a full length novel of approximately 90 000 words and is book one in the 'Highland Secret Series'.


Author : Dakota Frank
Publisher : Wolfsinger Pub
Release : 2016-12-30
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 1942450559


Book UNDER A SEA OF STARS Description/Summary:

Arana Telanri, a Druid of the Clan of the Flame Spiders, has lived in the Forest of Ruvano all her life. For most of that life, she has been the guardian of the elven capitol known as Qualilari. However, the queen of the elves has commanded she leave her beloved home and lead an expedition to the Southern Jungle. She, along with one thousand of her people, must blaze a trail through a vast, dangerous and largely unexplored territory to reach their new home. Throughout the journey Arana must face her own doubts and fears as she leads her people through conflict and the cold shadow of death to their new home. Whisper of Fate is the first book in the Under a Sea of Stars trilogy and the first step along Arana's journey to a destiny she could never have imagined."


Author : Me Christopher Elmer
Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Release : 2015-11-26
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1519539134


Book Nore Description/Summary:

The age of Nore. A time of hardship, war, enchantment, and evil. These events lead of to the story of Tecoco's Earth, where the inhabitants within the world of Tecoco are embroiled in a tide of suffering and terrible predicament. A brother swears vengeance on the suffering of a populace. A wicked king seeks the world for his own. A chief makes a decision that will decide the fate of his people. This is the age of Nore.

The Fate of Stars

Author : S D Simper
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2020-05
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 1952349087


Book The Fate of Stars Description/Summary:

A devout mermaid. A disgraced princess. A feud as ancient as the gods.Worlds collide when Tallora is kidnapped from her ocean home and forced to be a pet to a tyrannical foreign empire. Her only hope for rescue lies with a sworn enemy-Princess Dauriel, infamous for her stone heart and conflicted past. But when Dauriel's kingdom comes to the cusp of war, could their uneasy alliance be the key to defeating a common foe? Or will their tenuous feelings for each other lead them to ruin?From the world of FALLEN GODS comes a tale of ancient magic and cutthroat politics-and finding redemption through love.