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The Adirondack Book

Author : Elizabeth Folwell,Annie Stoltie,Amy Godine
Publisher : W W Norton & Company Incorporated
Release : 2003-05-01
Category : Travel
ISBN : 1581570643


Book The Adirondack Book Description/Summary:

This completely updated guidebook details the Adirondack's history, comforts, and amenities, giving both visitors and residents the most comprehensive guide to this vast region.

Adirondack Style

Author : Ann Stillman O'Leary
Publisher : Clarkson Potter
Release : 1998
Category : Architecture
ISBN : UVA:X004159395


Book Adirondack Style Description/Summary:

Helps readers re-create the rustic style inspired by New York's Adirondack region and gives tips on furniture and accessories

The Adirondacks

Author : Paul Schneider
Publisher : Henry Holt and Company
Release : 2016-09-06
Category : History
ISBN : 9781250135209


Book The Adirondacks Description/Summary:

His book is a romance, a story of first love between Americans and a thing they call "wilderness." For it was in the Adirondacks that masses of non-Native Americans first learned to cherish the wilderness as a place of recreation and solace. In this lyrical narrative history, the author reveals that the affair between Americans and the Adirondacks was by no means one of love at first sight. And even now, Schneider shows that Americans' relationship with the glorious mountains and rivers of the Adirondacks continues to change. As in every good romance, nothing is as simple as it appears.

Great Camps of the Adirondacks

Author : Harvey H. Kaiser
Publisher : David R. Godine Publisher
Release : 1982
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 156792073X


Book Great Camps of the Adirondacks Description/Summary:

An illustrated survey of the innovative, wood-and-stone camp buildings found deep in the woods of the Adirondack region examines in detail the magnificent country homes of the Vanderbilts, Morgans, and Whitneys

Resort Hotels of the Adirondacks

Author : Bryant Franklin Tolles
Publisher : UPNE
Release : 2003
Category : Architecture
ISBN : 1584650966


Book Resort Hotels of the Adirondacks Description/Summary:

An architectural study of the large Adirondack hotels that focuses on the cultural history of travel and tourism.

Adirondack Outlaws

Author : Niki Kourofsky
Publisher : Farcountry Press
Release : 2015-01-06
Category : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN : 9781560376118


Book Adirondack Outlaws Description/Summary:

Local author and historian Niki Kourofsky exposes the North Country’s shadowy past of crime and dark deeds. Her wry, lively storytelling puts readers right in the thick of shootouts, jewel heists, bank robberies, manhunts, and unsolved murders. Spanning eight decades of Adirondack history and ranging from Glens Falls to the Canadian border, Adirondack Outlaws is a rollicking page-turner, rich in chilling details and amply illustrated with historical photographs.

Wildflowers of the Adirondacks

Author : Donald J. Leopold,Lytton John Musselman
Publisher : Johns Hopkins University Press
Release : 2020-02-11
Category : Nature
ISBN : 9781421431109


Book Wildflowers of the Adirondacks Description/Summary:

Leopold and Lytton John Musselman, skilled botanists and the foremost authorities on these plants, this superior quality guide will appeal to residents of and visitors to the Adirondacks and northeastern mountains, including wildlife professionals, citizen scientists, backpackers, campers, photographers, bird watchers, artists, and wild food foragers.

Logging Railroads of the Adirondacks

Author : William Gove
Publisher : Syracuse University Press
Release : 2006-01-16
Category : Transportation
ISBN : 0815607946


Book Logging Railroads of the Adirondacks Description/Summary:

The period of 1890-1950 marked the romantic era of steam power as the rails reached deep into the old growth of the Adirondack woods to harvest the timber crop. In this volume, not only does William Gove provide an in-depth history of railroad activity in the Adirondacksthere were twenty-four rails in allhe also describes the logging methods used, the role of railroads in the logging industry, and the influence of the railroads on the condition of the Adirondack forest today. In addition, he addresses the political and economic forces determining the location and viability of logging railroads, villages, and the forest industry.

Canoeing the Adirondacks with Nessmuk

Author : Dan Brenan
Publisher : Syracuse University Press
Release : 1993-08-01
Category : Sports & Recreation
ISBN : 0815625944


Book Canoeing the Adirondacks with Nessmuk Description/Summary:

"She's all my fancy painted her, she's lovely, she is light. She waltzes on the waves by day and rests with me at night. But I had nothing to do with her painting. The man who built her did that. And I commence with the canoe because that is about the first thing you need on entering the Northern Wilderness." Thus opened Nessmuk's first commissioned "letter" for Forest and Stream in 1880. For years thereafter, George Washington Sears, under the penname Nessmuk, contributed a glorious series of pieces on canoeing the Adirondacks, exploring rivers and streams, climbing the many mountains and peaks, and chronicling his long relationship with one of the greatest canoe builders, J. Henry Rushton.

Contested Terrain

Author : Philip G. Terrie
Publisher : Syracuse University Press
Release : 2008-06-27
Category : History
ISBN : 0815609043


Book Contested Terrain Description/Summary:

Contested Terrain explores the competing understandings of how best to manage this spectacular natural resource. Terrie introduces the key players and events that have shaped the region and its use, from early settlers and loggers to preservationists, year-round residents, and developers. This new edition includes a comprehensive account of the Pataki years, an era of stunning conservation triumphs combined with unprecedented pressures on the region’s ecological integrity.

Along the Adirondack Trail

Author : Donald R. Williams
Publisher : Arcadia Publishing
Release : 2004
Category : History
ISBN : 0738536482


Book Along the Adirondack Trail Description/Summary:

Native Americans called the area Couxsaxrage, "beaver hunting ground." Professor Ebenezer Emmons named it Adirondack, after one of the native tribes. Along the Adirondack Trail traces the history and lore of the Adirondacks up the scenic roadway through the heart of New York's mountain-and-lake country. Included are tales of the Mohawk Indians and their beatified princess, Tekakwitha; the site of the mansion of Sir William Johnson, one of America's most influential citizens of the 1700s; and an important battleground of the Revolution. Rare original photographs portray each of the twenty settlements on the trail from Fonda to Malone, reflecting the lives of the guides, loggers, trappers, sportsmen, camp owners, tourists, leather workers, and health seekers who opened up the unknown county.

Adirondacks. Philippe Weisbecker

Author : Philippe Weisbecker
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2017
Category : Uncategorized
ISBN : 3905999900


Book Adirondacks. Philippe Weisbecker Description/Summary:

This book is based on an Adirondack furniture book donated to Philippe Weisbecker 20 years ago by a New York friend who worked in a hardware store.00"I've always loved rustic furniture, made from stumps, branches or pieces of wood. Initially I wanted to faithfully reproduce the furniture in the book. Very quickly, I realized that I was especially interested in the skeleton of these pieces of furniture, their structures and the vectors of force that govern them. Little by little, I even came to free myself from these parameters to arrive at simpler structural compositions, halfway between figuration and abstraction." Philippe Weisbecker00Born in 1942, Weisbecker studied interior design in Paris. By 1968 he moved to New York. First working as a draftsman in an architectural firm, he started a career as an illustrator at the age of 30. His work has been published in major american publications such as the New York Times, Time magazine and The New Yorker among others. In the late 90's he shifted gradually from commissioned work to his own original production which he is now showing in galeries worldwide. Moving back to France in 2006, he is now sharing his time between Paris and Barcelona.

The Adirondack Atlas

Author : Jerry C. Jenkins,Andy Keal
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2004-01
Category : History
ISBN : 0815607571


Book The Adirondack Atlas Description/Summary:

A detailed geographic overview of the largest protected area in the contiguous United States and the largest region of protected temperate forests in the world spotlights climate, natural development, recreational growth, pollution, and many other aspects of the Adirondack Park in a reference that features 450 full-color maps, as well as 250 figures, graphs, tables, charts, and scientific drawings. Original.

The Adirondacks 1830-1930

Author : Donald R. Williams
Publisher : Arcadia Publishing
Release : 2002
Category : History
ISBN : 0738510947


Book The Adirondacks 1830-1930 Description/Summary:

The East's greatest wilderness, the Adirondack region of New York State, shares its history and lore with Native Americans, early settlers, artists, writers, sportsmen, professors, and others. The Adirondacks are known to outdoor lovers, skiers, and year-round visitors for their forty-six high peaks, one-hundred-mile canoe route, one-hundred-thirty-three-mile Northville-to-Lake Placid Trail, thirty thousand miles of mountain streams, and three thousand lakes. The Adirondacks: 1830-1930, tells how the region was first "discovered," explored, and preserved as the six-million-acre Adirondack Park, the largest park in the contiguous United States, a patchwork of public and private lands governed by one of the largest regional zoning plans in the country. With more than two hundred stunning photographs and fascinating tales of the region, it traces the development of the hamlets, the great camps, the guides, and the furniture and tanning businesses.

Archeology in the Adirondacks

Author : David R. Starbuck
Publisher : University Press of New England
Release : 2018-06-05
Category : Social Science
ISBN : 9781512602630


Book Archeology in the Adirondacks Description/Summary:

While numerous books have been written about the great camps, hiking trails, and wildlife of the Adirondacks, noted anthropologist David R. Starbuck offers the only archeological guide to a region long overlooked by archeologists who thought that "all the best sites" were elsewhere. This beautifully illustrated volume focuses on the rich and varied material culture brought to the mountains by their original Native American inhabitants, along with subsequent settlements created by soldiers, farmers, industrialists, workers, and tourists. Starbuck examines Native American sites on Lake George and Long Lake; military and underwater sites throughout the Lake George, Fort Ticonderoga, and Crown Point regions; old industrial sites where forges, tanneries, and mines once thrived; farms and the rural landscape; and many other sites, including the abandoned Frontier Town theme park, the ghost town of Adirondac, Civilian Conservation Corps camps, ski areas, and graveyards.

Gardens Adirondack Style

Author : Janet Loughrey
Publisher : Unknown
Release : 2005
Category : Gardening
ISBN : 0892726237


Book Gardens Adirondack Style Description/Summary:

Garden photographer Janet Loughrey has covered the vast Adirondacks region to document how people have overcome the area's challenging mountain climate to create beautiful gardens for the past 150 years. Her profiles of contemporary gardeners and landscapers and their creations are supplemented with fascinating historic photos of the lavish landscaping of famed Adirondack-style estates such as Nirvana and the Knapp Estate and grand old hotel resorts such as Scaroon Manor and Sagamore.

The Fijian Pigeon

Author : Robert J. Morrissey
Publisher : iUniverse
Release : 2017-12-05
Category : Fiction
ISBN : 9781532037245


Book The Fijian Pigeon Description/Summary:

The Fijian Pigeon is a detective story in the Damon Runyonesque style. The actions take place largely in the Adirondacks, in the Gore Mountain, Lake George region, including skiing, a dangerous car chase on icy mountain roads, a crash through the ice at Lake George, and murders planned by the least suspected character.

Adirondack Wilderness

Author : Jane Eblen Keller
Publisher : Syracuse University Press
Release : 1980-02-01
Category : Nature
ISBN : 0815601506


Book Adirondack Wilderness Description/Summary:

A history of New York State's Adirondack Park, the largest public park in the U.S.--and the men and women who tried to tame it.

A Paradise For Boys and Girls

Author : Hallie E. Bond,Joan Jacobs Brumberg,Leslie Paris
Publisher : Syracuse University Press
Release : 2006-06-30
Category : Sports & Recreation
ISBN : 0815608225


Book A Paradise For Boys and Girls Description/Summary:

For over a century children have spent their summers at "sleepaway" camps in the Adirondacks. These camps inspired vivid memories and created an enduring legacy that has come to be a uniquely American tradition. In "A Paradise for Boys and Girls": Children’s Camps in the Adirondacks, a complement to the Adirondack museum exhibit of the same name, the authors explore the history of Adirondack children’s camps, their influence on the lives of the campers, and their impact on the communities in which they exist. Drawing on the rich documentary and pictorial evidence gathered from the histories of 331 camps located in the Adirondacks from 1886 to the present, this collection chronicles the changing attitudes about children and childhood. Historian Leslie Paris details social change in "Pink Music: Continuity and Change at Early Adirondack Summer Camps." In the title essay of the book, Hallie Bond offers a history of Adirondack camping from the establishment of Camp Dudley on Lake Champlain in 1892 to the present. Finally, historian Joan Jacobs Brumberg concludes the collection with "A Wiser and Safer Place: The Meaning of Camping During World War II." Lavishly illustrated with historic photographs, the book includes a directory of Adirondack camps, with brief descriptive notes for each of the camps. The photographs and essays in this volume offer readers a richer understanding of this singular region and its powerful connection to childhood.

Adirondack Country

Author : William Chapman White
Publisher : Knopf
Release : 1967-06
Category : History
ISBN : 0394418557


Book Adirondack Country Description/Summary:

A history of the mountainous region in northern New York which has lured countless visitors to its beautiful wildlife sanctuaries and unspoiled natural scenery